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Supplements for body building had spread across the globe in a wide variety of different types. L-arginine, endurance supplements, supportive, Creatine, Power Protein mixes, Protein shakes, and many more are just a few of the different supplements that had.


Many people had been into this trend, but most of them are confused about what’s best among the best types, and most neither know about the mechanism of these supplements that they can see in the market. There are those people who buy whatever they see and try regardless of the risks which is not good, and there are these people as well who doesn’t buy at all because they just don’t trust any of these supplements (not good neither). It’s fine that you don’t avail any supplements, but it’s not good if you’re one of these two types of people having the same specific reasons. So I’m going to enlighten you guys about those infamous body building supplement types and will explain to you why I personally prefer Maximum Shred and Extreme Deer Antler among all types.


Maximum Shred and Extreme Deer Antler for me are two of the best body building supplements since they work as a team, and they are designed to support you on your workout and could give you results in just a week or two. Though Maximum Shred and Extreme Deer Antler are also included in a certain type of workout supplement, I will explain to you why it’s the best within its type and as well as among other types.

Before I could explain to you why Maximum Shred and Extreme Deer Antler is the best when compared, let me explain to you the types of bodybuilding supplements first so you’ll get an idea of its different mechanisms into our body.

Types of Body Building Supplements by Categories

Protein Shakes – Protein shakes contain both essential and non-essential amino acids. They are made for body builders for them to improve their muscles fast. We all know the importance of protein in our body, and protein shakes provide you the enough needed proteins when you work out. Though Protein shakes can be a good alternative for other meat sources since it contains enough amino acids, it may not be necessary since you can just cheaply prepare foods on your own before you go to workout. Though, it’ll help a lot if you’re this person who needs more time and want to save some from cooking protein rich foods, as most are from meat and we all know that meat could take some time to be cooked. However, studies also suggest that protein shakes do improve muscle hypertrophy at a faster rate of 33% compared to those people who don’t take protein shakes.

testimonials2Branched-chain Amino Acids – These are types of protein that is considered supportive. It aims to give you more endurance during a workout and could make you last longer in any type of exercise, including make-outs in bed. Take note that BCAAs is no ordinary stamina providers, but it’s a hell of one. The reason is because BCAAs are metabolized through anabolism and not catabolism. Anabolism means, it provides energy from smaller molecules into larger molecules, and with this, there will be less processes in producing energy – a very vital attribute when you do extraneous exercise.

Glutamine – This is the most abundant amino acid in our muscle and it is used as a supplement in an attempt to compensate for its depletion during an anaerobic metabolism. Long hours of exercise would suggest our body to undergo anaerobic metabolism, it’s a type of metabolism wherein our muscle cells will metabolize ATP without the use of oxygen. Oxygen level in the blood is decreased during longer exercise since the demand for it is higher than what we get through breathing. When there is anaerobic metabolism, there will also be lactic acid formations. This lactic acid is the one that causes the typical pain that we have after a workout, also is the one that causes heart attack pain during myocardial infarction. So how do glutamine works? Glutamine helps in the hypertrophy of muscle cells, but is used and depleted during anaerobic metabolism. Glutamine supplements are used in an attempt to replace the lost glutamine when your body undergoes anaerobic metabolism and will help you grow muscle fast.

Creatine – Are considered as an immediate energy outburst to our muscle cells. This will help a lot during lifting heavy weights. Creatine contains creatine phosphate and it breaks down into ATP for energy use. What’s good about Creatine is that the process of its conversion into ATP is very fast, and that gives you the fast outburst of energy into your muscle cells. The normal metabolism of ATP takes place in the process of eating foods; when you consume foods and it undergo tedious long processes of digestion, absorption, and metabolism. Creatine supplements on the other hand are very different, since they can be absorbed at a faster rate and its transportation to our blood stream is faster since it’s in simple form, and need not for our liver to undergo a lot of metabolic processes for it to be metabolized. You can take creatine 30 mins before workout, and it can give you a great surge of energy usable for the next few hours of workout.

MaximumShredReviewss-300x225Thermogenic Products – These are bodybuilding supplements that will cause us thermogenesis in the process. Our thermoregulator in the body is the hypothalamus; it controls and regulates our temperatures in adaption to the environment or if we’re having an infection. Glucose is an essential nutrient in the regulation of our temperature, and an increase in our temperature will prompt an increase in the demand for glucose, hence, will increase the metabolism of both circulating glucose and the stored one. An increase in glucose metabolism due to the increase in body temperature will suggest losing weight over time, since it also metabolize the stored glucose in our body from fats.

Human Growth Hormones – This type of supplements aims to stimulate the release of growth hormones into our system. Growth hormones as it name implies aides in the growth of our systems and organs, it also grows other body parts like bones, and the one that we need to grow in body building – our muscles. Growth hormones also aid in the healing of damaged tissues, including damaged muscle cells by widening the blood vessels. With this, more blood and nutrients can reach the damaged area, thus facilitate healing.

Nitric Oxide – is an element that plays a lot of roles in the transportation of chemicals from cells to cells, nitric oxide also has a direct effect on the breakdown of arginine, which is an amino acid that helps a lot in people who’s doing body building. It also said that Nitric oxide helps in increasing endurance since it fastens the process of metabolism by improving the rate of the transportation of chemicals from cells to cells, thus increasing its breakdown. Many athletes use nitric oxide during workout and competitions, because they feel like they can work out or compete longer than they used to without the supplement.

Maximum Shred and Extreme Deer Antler as supplements

So why is Maximum Shred and Extreme Deer Antler the best for body building, and what is its type? Maximum Shred and Extreme Deer Antler don’t fall in any of this because all the attributes that you get from those in the list can be gotten from this team. Maximum Shred works as a muscle enhancer and grower. But its benefits don’t end there. It also increases stamina and temperature during a workout. Maximum Shred has the active ingredients L-arginine and growth hormones. These two works together to give you the endurance that you need during a workout, and it also helps you increase the rate of metabolism in your body. L-arginine is an amino acid that works directly into your system, it also widens blood vessels that could lead to a more nutrients coming into your muscle cells. Growth hormones as I’ve said above helps by literally growing your muscle tissues, giving you that fancy look that you’ve ever wanted.


Extreme Deer Antler on the other hand works like a supportive supplement to be taken after workouts. It contains deer antlers that consist primarily of growth hormones and essential amino acids. It helps in healing, thus reducing pain after a workout. It works by isolating the damage cells into one base, and surge it with healing nutrients by dilating the surrounding blood vessels nearby. It also increases the rate of glutamine production in our body, thus helping you out to further the increase of the rate of muscle growth.

As you can see, with Maximum Shred and Extreme Deer Antler combined, we can be sure that we can get all the benefits we get from those other supplements above. So this made Maximum Shred and Extreme Deer Antler as my best workout supplements that could be taken down. The prices vary from supplements to supplements as well. Some people take more than one supplement at a time and will cause them a lot of bad effects in their liver. Taking more than one supplement, means over work for the liver since the liver will need to metabolize each and every tablet or supplement that you take one from one. A specific supplement is taken in enough doses, and if you take it with others, it’ll be a lot of workload to the liver. Maximum Shred and Extreme Deer Antler however are only two supplements, and is taken at a separate time. Also, these two supplements can be digested and absorbed fast since they are designed to be fast acting. It also wears off before you take the other one. Take Maximum Shred and benefit on its effect on working out while it’s still in your blood stream. After consumed, you’re most likely finished working out by that time already, and so you can start taking an Extreme Deer Antler after that. This will ensure you that you will not take any new drug, while the other one is still under its effects, thus leaving no unwanted residues in your system especially in the liver. Taking other supplements on the other hand are different, most of those listed above posts long term effects in the body, thus having effects that are specific only on a certain attribute. Like Protein powders for example, it only sustains you proteins like those from meats. With this, you will be prompted to use other types of supplements targeting other aspects of our body related to body building, and thus giving extraneous workload to the liver. So I do strongly suggest that you take supplements that you can get all that you need in one dosing, like Maximum Shred and Extreme Deer Antler. With this, you’ll have a better healthy liver and can minimize the amount of side effects that you can take from taking other multiple supplements. Also, always remember that you still need to work out for you to maximize the effects of these two best supplements, because these are considered supportive and is acting fast. If you don’t take advantage of its usage, then there will be a little effect over time. A reason why many people  think that it’s ineffective is because they believe in those false advertisements that it works without working out. As you can see in these two’s mechanisms of action, or any other supplements that I’ve mentioned, it is clear that you still need to work out so you can get the best of the benefits these supplements can give.

So now that you know about the mechanisms of some of the best body building supplements, and how Maximum Shred and Extreme Deer Antler can give you everything in one. Make sure to try it out for yourself now for you to appreciate the science behind all these body building supplements that is existing in the market nowadays.

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